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As we state in our Pursue Purpose value, we have the opportunity to help improve a person’s life. Our Corporate Giving programs and offerings are grounded in this value as we inspire a better healthcare system. Change Healthcare is dedicated to supporting the causes its employees care about most. When an eligible employee donates to an approved non-profit organization, Change Healthcare will match their donation dollar for dollar, with an annual maximum of $500 per employee. We look forward to seeing how each of you pursue purpose in our communities with the matching gifts and volunteerism program!

India COVID-19 Recovery Fund

India is experiencing a catastrophic second wave of COVID-19, consistently surpassing its own daily records of infection rates and deaths. While Delhi has been hit the hardest, the virus has rapidly traveled to smaller cities and towns that are struggling. The situation in India is devastating, and it poses a global risk -- experts warn that the more the virus spreads, the more chances it has to mutate and create variants that could eventually resist current vaccines in circulation, threatening to undermine other countries' progress in containing the pandemic. This Fund is composed of pre-vetted nonprofits based in the United States providing emergency response in India. Through a single donation to the Fund, you can support multiple organizations' initiatives to provide short-term and long-term response and recovery. Our Fund approach is informed by expert and local recommendations based on up to date information from disaster philanthropy and nongovernmental organization networks, such as the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. Given the ever-changing nature of this pandemic and widespread impact, the composition of the nonprofits in this Fund will evolve. Generally this fund will support healthcare, medical needs, vulnerable populations, and essential services. (Photo: Shivamjoker / Tumisu)

Support India COVID-19 Recovery Fund

Hands Across Change Healthcare Fund

Our mission is to provide assistance for Change Healthcare employees in a time of need.

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